1991 US Open

Orlando, FL

1987 Ms. First Coast Bodybuilding Competition Jacksonville, FL

Personal Fitness Training

& Private Lessons

Personal Fitness Trainingand Private Lessons are for the individual desiring optimal health and fitness in addition to detailed instruction. It is a commitment by both the client and trainer to put forth their best effort towards achieving the goals that have been established. Private Lessons provide one-on-one instruction, focusing on specific details on what a client is wishing to learn or enhance.

For instance, you may wish to have private lessons in Tai Chi or yoga. In this way, you can learn more efficiently than in a class setting, proceeding at the pace that is more suitable to your manner of learning, be it faster or slower than in a group setting. You determine what you would like to work on. 

As for your program, Christine will create a specific workout plan tailored to your needs, goals and time schedule. Your program will vary depending on your specific goals such as losing weight and body fat, cardiovascular endurance, strengthening, toning and overall physical conditioning. Sessions can be conducted at your home or office, dependent upon your specific needs.  

Our in-office private instruction currently includes Tai Chi, Qigong, yoga, flexibility and conditioning, strength training with bands and exercise balls or any combination.

Keep in mind that everyone is unique. Some people need constant supervision and motivation to stick to a plan. Other individuals need only a "kick-start" and they can take it from there. Still others wish to begin with regular assistance and gradually wean themselves down to where they no longer need a trainer. As the client, you decide what will work best for your personality type. With each program created, you are provided written material and instructions for "homework".

The ultimate goal is for you to obtain enough information, guidance and motivation to make positive advancements in taking control of your own personal health. The pursuance of health, fitness and education is a worthy yet enjoyable challenge. Begin your journey today towards health, longevity and vitality!