Recipient of two Certificate of Excellence Awards and a Muse Medallion Award for "Photographic Art" in the  2016 Cat Writer's Association International Writing Competition 

If you had the chance, would you cast off the shackles of civilization and flee to a forest, spending the rest of your life among nature's magical cycles?

Follow one woman's true eye-opening journey of discovery among a colony of cats that she grows to know and love. Often misunderstood, the hodgepodge of abandoned and thrown-away cats have as much to offer her as she bring to them. Healing life lessons gleaned in the woods teach her acceptance of nature's way, learning to let go, to sit still and listen to the inner voice we all once had. And perhaps more importantly, learning that there are many ways to live a life, and we are all not suited to the same one. Some may never find the magic. While others can learn it from wise creatures living in the wild, if we open our eyes and our heats to their spirit. Her six-year journey is full of successes and failures, laughter and tears, loving and learning to let go. Interspersed with relevant, and sometimes humorous, anecdotal experiences from her past, this true story proves to be educational, poignant and inspirational.

  "Me, My Ferals & I gives the reader an honest look into the world of being a feral cat caretaker. After reading this book, I have the highest admiration for the author's determination, courage, and emotional stamina.  All of these are needed for a feral caregiver, who will be tested by the demands and attitude of a world that may devalue cats and misunderstand the needs of feral cats. This book is a compelling look at one woman's transformation as she becomes more involved with the world of feral caregiving, but is also a manual of sorts, and preparation for those who have the calling to care for feral cats."

                            - Catherine Holm, author of The Great PurrDriving with Cats: Ours for a Short Time

"Me, My Ferals & I"


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