I Have a Dream

So many people say "I always wanted to do that but....". With the right mind-set, attitude, heart and discipline you can achieve your dreams. But you must firmly believe in your heart that you can achieve it. In the presentation or workshop the participant will be provided with applicable tools to pursue and achieve their dreams and goals.

Interested in having a workshop or presentation created specifically for your or your workplace?

We offer a variety of topics ranging from health and wellness, self-defense basics and meditation to goal setting, time management and self-empowerment.  Each presentation will be tailored to your specific goals and the intended audience and may cover just one or several topics.

Presentations can be a brief 45-minute presentation, 15-30 minute lunch-n-learn or a more in-depth workshop (up to 3 hours) depending on the request.

Please contact us to request a presentation or workshop, fees and for more information.


Public Speaking,

Book Signings 

& Workshops

Writing Your "Story"

Our life is all about story - they are what has made us who we are. Who are you? Have you ever wanted to tell your story but didn't know where to start? This presentation or full workshop provides the participant with ideas and techniques to make your story come to life in the written word, whether it is to be seen by only one person or to publish for the world to see.

Tai Chi & Qigong

Promoting the art of "balance" in body, mind, and spirit, Tai Chi and Qigong have become popular for worksite health and team building activities. Presentations, which are audience participation, can be provided as a special introduction to the art  (health fairs, Employee Appreciation Day) or as a class provided on-site for employees as part of a health promotion program.

Lessons Learned from the Dragonfly

The Dragonfly has been around for over 30 million years and there is a reason why: adaptability. Developing an attitude of self-responsibility, positive thinking and the  necessity to take action can assist us in achieving our dreams and goals.  This presentation is approximately 15 minutes in length and will stimulate the audience to pursue their own dreams by taking that first step.

TNR "101": How to be an effective feral cat caretaker utilizing trap-neuter-return

Feral cats are a "people problem" and we are the only ones that can help manage the situation. Taking on the responsibility of being a caretaker for feral cats is the key to both helping the cats and the community. But to maintain the hard work put into caring for them, they must also be spayed or neutered to prevent the colonies from increasing in size. This hands-on workshop provides the A-Z of not only caring for feral cats but following thru on maintaining the health and stabilization of the colony.

*this workshop is a minimum of 1 1/2 hours